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U.S history unit 2 vocab.

The money made on goods that exceeds the cost of production
A person who buys, sells, and trades goods for a profit
A settlement far away from the country that rules it
An Iroquois chief or tribal leader
A person of mixed Spanish and Indian heritage
A group of merchants who share the same costs and profits of a business
A name for the Spanish conquers who first came to the Americas in the 1500's
A person who worked for someone in Colonial America for a set time in exchange for the ocean voyage
The science of determining a ship's location and direction
A water route believed to flow through North America to Asia that Europeans searched for from the 1500's to the 1700's
An official document giving a person permission to do something, such as settle in an area
To BRING goods from another country for sale or use
A crop that is grown to be sold for a profit
The name given by colonists to the far end of a country where people are just beginning to settle
The trading of goods for goods
A journey made for a special purpose
In New France, a person who trapped furs without permission from the French Government
A person, group, or nation united with another in order to do something
The movement of people, plants, animals and germs in either direction across the Atlantic Ocean following the voyages of Columbus
To SEND goods to another country for sale or use
The law-making body of colonial Virginia, established in Jamestown 1619
A person who teaches his or her religion to those who have different beliefs
A trader who transported furs by canoe in New France
To force a person to work for no money, without the freedom to leave
An area in which groups of people are controlled by one ruler, or one government
A person who travels to a place for religious reasons