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US History 2

Pablo Aguilar Chapter 17-22
In February 1898 the American battleship the __________ mysteriously exploded in Havana harbor.
This theory, based on another theory, held that societies evolve and those most fit and capable enjoyed the greatest material and social success----“survival of the fittest.”
A _____________ is a legal arrangement where a small group of trustees have legal ownership of a business that they operate for the benefit of other investors.
The black militant who founded the Afro-American League and called on blacks to use violence when they were attacked by whites was
This term describes the belief that the church should be as concerned about the condition of people in the secular world as it was in their afterlife.
In general, _______ workers were usually well of as a result of late 19th century industrialization.
The major issue in the Spanish-American War was the independence of
The most influential preacher of the Social Gospel Movement was
This term describes the ownership or control of all enterprises comprising an entire industry.
A former member of the Republican Party is
Which president made significant steps towards civil service reform?
was known for the exploitative way he made his fortune in railroads?
One of the most prominent black militants of the progressive era was
The model progressive state during the early years of the 20th century was
This term describes the large wave of African Americans who left the South after the Civil War, mostly moving to cities in the Northeast and Upper Midwest.
Theodore Roosevelt called the progressive-era journalists who investigated corruption and fraud in American business and politics
Compared to others in the late 19th century, farmers experienced
Alfred Thayer Mahan argued in the 1890s that national security and prosperity rested on a powerful