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World History Midterm

Name: _________________________________
Study of past people
Flood epic
Between the Tigris and Euphrates
Mother culture
Objects made by humans
Found Tut
Homo Erectus
Common god
First librarian king
Study of man
Small village
Babylonian law giver
Early Andeans
Economy that doesn't change over time
Humans and relatives
First ironworkers
Persian uniter
Practiced slash-and-burn
Chief Mesoamerican city
Vanished ones
Nebuchadnezzar's dad
Combined Upper and Lower Egypt
First empire builders
Khufu location
Many gods
Female pharaoh
Land bridge location
Spirits in things
What later writing came from
Crushed the Babylonians
What we are
Invented the coin
Agricultural revolution
Johanson found her
Lived on the Upper Tigris
Bolivian lake
Mayan creator
Incan capital