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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Metamorphic Rocks

Teacher: Mrs. Cremins
A force that squeezes rocks together is called __________________.
A metamorphic rock whose crystals are so tiny that they can hardly be seen. It is formed in layers and has a smooth texture. It is ___________.
This coal is found deep in Earth's layers. It is much harder, and burns cleaner and longer than bituminous coal. It is __________________.
These rocks are formed from other rocks by extreme heat and pressure deep inside Earth. They "change" from one type of rock to __________________________________________.
When rocks change over time, we call it the ________ ______________.
This rock is formed from limestone and is used for buildings and statues because it doesn't break apart in layers when it is carved. It is ____________.
This scientist studies Earth's history by examining rocks. We call this person a __________________.
This rock is formed from limestone and is often used by artists to make beautiful blue jewelry and other decorative objects. It is _______________ ________________.
This rock is formed when minerals get rearranged and pressed into layers or bands that can be straight or wavy. It has a coarse, rough texture. It is called ____________.
This metamorphic rock does not have layers and looks like sandstone from far away. I is very hard and often has a glassy appearance. It is ___________________.