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Easter Science

Organic compounds that contain the hydroxyl group (R-OH).
A reaction involving the addition of water
The combination of two alleles that an organism has for a particular gene
The substitution of Hydrogen with one or more Halogens.
Consists of a ring of six carbon atoms with alternating single and double carbon-carbon bonds.
Organic compounds containing the carbonyl group attached to two organic radicals.
A sequence of three nucleotides found on a DNA strand that codes for one amino acid
Sex cells, ovum and sperm
Saturated hydrocarbons
Thread-like structures bearing genes that are found in the nucleus of the cell.
A change in the DNA sequence
An allele that controls the phenotype regardless of the other allele
One of the alternative forms of a gene that govern a characteristic such as brown hair.
Fertilized egg
Organic compounds formed by the reaction between a carboxylic acid and an alcohol.
An element that has the capacity to share four electrons in order to achieve a more stable configuration.