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Meiosis Crossword

A nuclear process which reduces the chromosome number to half of those in the parent cell
Fusion of chromosome parts are the start of meiosis
Chromosomes reach opposite poles
Threadlike structure of nucleic acids and proteins found in the nucleus of most living cells
When an egg and sperm unite
Individual chromatids are pulled to opposite poles
When an egg and sperm combine their genetic material a resulting union produces this
Sperm production is done by cells by
The initial cells making up the ovaries
Cell division that results in two daughter cells each having the same number and kind of chromosomes
Existence of shared ancestry between a pair of structure of genes
Sister chromosomes separate and spindle fibers attach to centromeres
Chromosomes line up along the equatorial plate with the help of spindle fibers
Chromosomes become visible again
Nuclear membrane disintegrates
Cells grow and mature;carry out cellular functions and replicates DNA
Paired chromosomes are pulled apart by the spindle fibers(shorten)
This is how cells divide without a DNA in a contained nucleus
A mature haploid male or female germ cell that is able to unit with another of the opposite sex
Action where chromosomes exchange corresponding sections of chromatids
Nucleus and nuclear material divide
Contains 2 complete sets of chromosomes , 1 from each parent
Cytokinesis begins here
The cytoplasm divides and creates a new cell
Having a single set of unpaired chromosomes