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Theatre History Crossword

Teacher: LoSasso
Before Realism, this was a popular form of theatre
This Peking opera had a plot line consisting of love and suspense
This form of theatre followed English classics and precluded Musical theatre
Kathakali is directly defined as this
Melodrama consists of emotional-appeal and
Puppets in Vietnamese puppetry were large and made of this
Realism theatre consists of plots that portray dramatic this
Fixed character types wore these leather items
Many great plays of this playwright did not live on because of a ban on plays by the English Parliament
This was composed of singers, dancers, plate-spinners and animal trainers
The color of the makeup in Kabuki communicates the character's this
Vietnamese water puppetry performances often occurred here
Epic theatre presents narrative events in this type of story
This man created one of the first entirely domestic musical comedies
These were the main props of vaudeville
Kathakali incorporates intricately made these
Commedia dell Arte performances are based on improvised
Usually, plots of melodrama are this
Restoration plays often dealt with sexual situations and foolishness of this group of people
In this time period, sets were not an option because of costs
In Restoration theatre, these people were allowed to perform in theatres
In Peking opera, this technical aspect was very important and similar to methods used 1,400 years ago
This German playwright brought Epic theatre to life
This Asian theatre passes the art form down from generation to generation