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History Vocab

by: Ellery Hale

Set rules to admit one slave states and one free state into the union
John browns attempt to start a slave revolt by seizing a federal arsenal
The states that seceded from the union include: south carolina, mississippi, florida, alabama, georgia, louisiana and texas
Court ruled slaves as property, which meant that slavery could not be banned from any territory
Book written by harriet beecher stowe, depicting the cruel abuse slaves lived with, southerners claimed it propaganda
Admitted california as a free state, slave trade was banned in washington D.C slavery allowed in mexican cession and fugitive slave act created
Elected president of the confederate states of america
Allowed southern slave owners to hunt down slaves that had escaped to the north
Allowed kansas and nebraska to use popular sovereignty if slavery would be allowed in these territories
The kansas-nebraska act caused a small scale civil war in these areas between pro-slavery and abolitionists