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Ch 6 Judaism

underground cemetery consisting of tunnels or chambers that have recesses for coffins and tombs
Hebrew word meaning “teaching” or “law”
Going out
The belief that there are many gods, but only one is chosen for worship
A form of religious singing in which segments of a congregation chant alternating verses of a psalm.
The crossing part of a church built in the shape of a cross
male head of a family or a tribe
courtyard, especially as surrounded by a colonnaded arcade.
A person who speaks with the authority of God
A type of painting in which pigments are applied to a fresh, wet plaster surface or wall and thereby become part of the surface or wall
A semicircular or polygonal projection of a building with a semicircular dome, especially on the east end of a church.
High windows permitting light to enter abuilding, but not enabling people to look in or out.
belief in one god
Large oblong building or hall with colonnades and an apse
Savior; from the Hebrew for “anointed one.”