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Literature & History Mish-Mash

Peter's natural gift
Sewn on Jews' clothing to indicate their heritage
Disgrace, scandal - "The ultimate _________ come the day Father set the astronomical clock by the radio."
Family member still living at home who predicted war
Lied about having only one radio
Nickname for Harry de Vries, a "completed Jew" (Christian Jew)
Called the Old Testament "the Jews' Book of Lies;" the only employee ever fired by Father
The name Mama called everyone
Botanist, peanut-guy
Sensationalized news stories
Belief that a nation should stay out of the affairs of other nations (William Jennings Bryan)
The "only" last name in the underground
Left his job as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to lead the Rough Riders
Acquisition of new lands to build an empire (President McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt)
The only hymn Mama sang after her cerebral hemorrhage left her unable to talk
Wooden clogs - "Sometimes it was a customer; most often it was simply a visitor - from a laborer with wooden _______ on his feet to a fleet owner - all bringing their problems to Father."
Right to vote
Time at which everyone must remain inside
Father's 70th birthday gift
Stated, "I pity the poor Germans, Corrie. They have touched the apple of God's eye."
The first licensed female watchmaker in Holland
NSB, the Nazi movement in Holland
Vocational school founded by Booker T Washington
Site of Custer's Last Stand
His autobiography exposed the evils of slavery
Stated, "The center of His will is our only safety..."
How Corrie "sees" the future
National anthem of Holland, for which Peter went to prison when he played it on the organ at church
Nollie's husband's first name