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Ancient Greek Civilization

Teacher: Mrs. Lacy
How far did Alexander expand his empire?
Which leader was responsible for uniting Greece?
Whose work can be tied to the earlier observations of Thales of Miletus?
What were the military weapons that King Philip used to conquer Greece?
During this battle, the Greeks were able to block the narrow pass to delay the Persian army from advancing.
After the Persian War, what was the most powerful city-state?
Rivalry between the Spartans and Athenians led to...
Which structure is considered to be the finest example of classical Greek architecture?
Made observations about Greek culture, society, and politics. Happy (not humorous) ending.
Had to do with the downfall of the hero, usually with violent conflict of the family, city, or god. Bad ending.
During this battle, Greeks uses the narrowness of the strait to help them.
These stories about gods Hades, Poseidon, and Apollo are called...