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Spelling 4/16-4/20 For Samantha, Jasmine, Gavin and Emmanuel

For Demari!
Climb it to get to the roof
Yuck! this juice is ______!
The criminal was _______ for bank robbery!
Ouch! That scrape is really _______ me!
The smallest!
Monkey in the _____!
I am going to write an apology ______ because I was rude to the teacher!
The _____ is very cold, I'm not going swimming!
Don't let the pot ______ burn you, it's hot!
Eeewww, get that awful ______ out of the house!
Babies drink from them.
The _______ was running low, so my phone wasn't working
I like _____ on my toast.
You use this to steer a kayak
Cows and bulls are called ______.