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Prayer, 5 times a day
Head scarf worn by Muslim women.
Hand decoration with henna
First wife of Muhammad
Holiest city for Muslims
The pilgrimage to Mecca
Country with the greatest number of Muslims
Country today where Muhammad lived
Muslim place of prayer
The statement of Faith that Muslims recite
Angel that visited Muhammad
Arabic word for God
Giving to the poor
Body of law that regulates Muslim life and morals.
Holy Book of Islam
Branch of Islam that believes the successor to the prophet needs to be related to Muhammad.
Number of Pillars
Be Upon Him
The job Muhammad held when he first met his wife
Prayer leader
Artistic expression of Islam
Arabic meaning striving or struggle.
Migration from Mecca and turning point for Muhammad
Fastest growing world religion
Sacred Black box housing the black stone
Celebration at the end of Ramadan
Tall towers where Muslims are called to prayer
Muslim holy month that requires daily fasting
One who submits
First Caliph
Branch of Islam that makes up the majority of Muslims.
Book that establishes what Muhammad said and did.
God instructed Muhammad to do this.
Language of the Quran
Muslim term for Satan