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Isaac & Rebekah

The same eternal blessings and promises made to Isaac & Rebekah can be yours today if you make and honor temple marriage covenants. 
Where can we be sealed for time and eternity? In the ___________.
Isaac's wife is?
Isaac and Rebekah had an ______________ marriage.
What gift did the servant give Rebekah?
The servant expressed ______________ unto the Lord.
What must we all strive to obtain in this life? Temple ___________.
Abraham asked the servant to get a wife of his ___________.
What quality did Rebekah demonstrate when she said she would go with the servant?
Who found Isaac a wife? Abraham's _________.
What did Rebekah's father give her before she left? A __________.
What type of women did Abraham NOT want Isaac to marry?
What is one important thing Isaac expressed to Rebekah to keep their marriage strong?
Abraham __________ his servant.
What was Rebekah's brother's name?
Which animal did Rebekah water at the well?
When should you start preparing for your eternal marriage?