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History CH 14 test

Economic term stating that the government has ownership of businesses.
Heating liquid to slow disease causing microbes.
Invented Morse code
Prime minister that stressed domestic reform
Drinking in moderation
President of second republic in 1848 and later became emperor of France.
Privilege to vote
Art and writing that portrayed real life.
Messages sent thru a wire system using a series of beeps.
Hostility towards Jews
Philosopher that invented Marxism
No drinking of alcohol
Parliamentary reform movement of 1837-1848
Art and music that reflected romantic themes
Realist author that described the difficulties of life in Russia.
Prime minister who doubled the amount of men that could vote
Capitalist elite
Wrote about negative aspects of the industrial revolution.
Common ownership of property.
French chemist that developed a way to heat milk and other liquids to slow development of disease causing microbes.
Exposed a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism in France
Repeated sweeping targeted attacks against Jews