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SED CrossWord - Week 2 (Animals++)

If you are wearing a wool jacket you are wearing part of me.
I am a bear that floats on ice.
I am whale and all white.
Longest whale
I can talk with my friends.
Work together to make dinner.
If you throw a ball up in the air I'll use my radar to detect if it is food.
Official bird of the US.
I like a muddy bed.
I take a long time to reel in.
I have been seen the earth from space.
I rather eat after.
I have a horn and don't get me angry.
I am really grumpy.
I use my tail to sleep upside down.
I can go for days without water.
I go over 150 mpg in a dive.
I like to talk to my friends at night (summer mostly)
I am pretty easy to catch in the Sudbury River.
I can tightrope on telephone lines.
If you cut me in half I'll live.
I use trees to floss my teeth.
I love to eat bambo
I am shark food.
Likes to squeezes it meals before eating.
I stick my head in the ground when I am scared.
I have two large claws.
I can only move my head not my eyes.
I go 0-60 fast.
I hide in sandy bottoms of the sea...oh don't step on really hurts.
When it is super cold we huddle up.
I travel along way in the winter.
I'll be your alarm clock with my voice.