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Chemistry of Life (Chapter 2) Part 2

are the substances made by a chemical reaction
Is reached when both the reactants and products are made at the same rate
Lowers activation energy
are molecules that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur.
What type of bond is shown in picture 1?
change substances into different substances by breaking and forming chemical bonds.
are molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (1:2:1) and they include sugars and starches.
Are two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
The ____ in the atoms of each element determine the properties of that element.
Polar molecules and nonpolar molecules tend to stay together. (True/False)
Compared to many other compounds, water must absorb more heat energy to increase in temperature. (True/False)
is the amount of energy that needs to be absorbed for a chemical reaction to start
is what cell membranes are mostly made of
The specific reactants that an enzyme acts
are where substrates temporarily bind to enzymes at specific places
are chains of carbon atoms bonded to hydrogen atoms
Lipids are made up of chains of carbon bonded to