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Teacher: MR.HUGHES
Laws that forced the separation of whites and blacks in public facilities
Process by which more of a nation’s population becomes concentrated in its cities
President Wilson offers his peace proposal
reached with Germany in 1919 ending WWI
equal did not justify segregation Overturned the above case and said that separate but in public schools
To contain Communism, the U.S. helped to rebuild Western Europe by an act
The Spanish Ambassador (Enrique Dupuy De Lome) sends a letter to President McKinley telling him to stay out of this conflict
Powerless to collect taxes,regulate trade, couldn't make states obey, difficulties amending articals
A time period where people had no individual rights until men spoke up to throw of any denied natural rights by king or queen
Laws that forced the separation of whites and blacks in public facilities (Drinking fountains, restaurants, schools)
Deliberately breaking a law peacefully in order to draw attention to an injustice
A contract stating that all states are granted freedom and to make own decisions
A super sense of patriotism and demand for aggressive action
A type of writing that prints the most sensational, exaggerated, and distorted stories for emotional effect
It provided a process to admit new states to the union
1900: Chinese citizens rebel against their gov’t because of this new trade and western influence
Policy by which one country takes control of another directly, or through political dominance
passed to help veterans