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14-1: Russian History

This democratic reformer took power after Gorbachev.
Group which invaded and overtook Kieven Rus
Communist idea that created huge farms from many smaller ones.
Gorbachev's policy to allow individuals more power in business decisions.
Russian name for emperor.
Russian leader who eased restrictions in the 1980's:
Catherine and Peter knew they must have this in order to trade all year long:
Lenin was a believer in this German's political beliefs:
Mongols came from this place:
In WW11, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were:
This Muscovy prince broke away from the mongols:
First Russian settlement
The starting point of the Trans Siberian Railroad:
Countries surrounding the Soviet Union that were under Soviet control.
The first Russian settlement was in this present day city.
Communist hardliners attempted this when Yeltsin became president.
The longest railroad in the world is the Trans _________.
People who spread Christianity to Kieven Rus:
The race between the U.S. and Soviet Union to make advancements in space was called the:
This czar made St. Petersburg the Russian capital:
Two big causes of Russians revolting against the czars were deaths in WW1 and this:
Gorbachev's policy to allow citizens to write and speak freely
Country where the government controls the economy and society.
The ending point of the Trans Siberian Railroad is in Vladivostok, located on this ocean:
Dictator who came to power in 2000 and is still in power today.
Conflict between the U.S. and USSR lasting from 1948-1991.
After coming to power, Lenin moved the capital back to:
Peasants who could be bought and sold with land were called this:
Both Peter and Catherine the Great wanted a closer relationship with_________.