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Ancient Greece Sections 1 and 2

Island where the Minoans lived
Mycenaeans possible started this
Greek marketplace
Aristocrats, tyrants and these people ruled Greece at different times
This sea is to the west of Greece
Rich landowners
Present day Asia Minor
Could not vote in an assembly
Greek city-state was usually built around a strong one
Mainland of Greece
Lived on Crete
Gathering of citizens
Could vote in an assembly
A leader who rules with force
Most powerful fortress
Minoans did not speak this language
This sea is east of Greece
Greeks were skilled sailors and this
High hill which a Greek fortress was built
Covered much of Greece
Government in which a few people ruled
Change, or have an effect on
First people to speak Greek
Father of democracy
Greece is the birthplace of this
Greece reached its height under this leader
Greek city-state