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How to Keep a Dog Happy and Healthy

Teacher: Reeya Patel
A necessary thing to keep a dog alive. Your dog needs this twice a day or more.
Be this to them. It is the opposite of being harsh. They will pay more attention to you.
This is another form of love. You need to give this to your dog from your heart.
You should do this at least one a week for furry dogs. We do this to our hair.
You need to take your dog to this place to get regular checkups.
You should do this everyday. It can be great exercise for you as well.
This will keep your dog clean. It will cut their hair, nails, and many other things
You throw a ball and they get it!
You need to keep your dog healthy and active. This will do just the trick.
If you have a young dog, they will always do this. Mostly young kids will do this too.
This needs to be in their bowl at all times. It should be cold an the bowl should always be filled.
This will help you train your dog. It is a small snack for them.
You should make sure you have enough time for your dog. They need this when you have free time. Make them part of your family.
This will ensure that you will keep your dog. It is being protective and parents often keep there kids like this.
This will make you happy so that they can do cool tricks and be obedient.
This will keep them smelling good. You should do this to your house as well.
This will be great fun for your dog. If you have children or are young you can take them here too.
Dogs will have fun with this if you give it to them. It will bring them great loads of fun!