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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

American history chapter 22 Spanish-American War

name _________________________________
1907 Roosevelt sent a part of the U.S. navy around the world on a cruise. the great white __
__ Diplomacy President Taft’s policy of encouraging American investments aboard
On February 15,1898, an explosion on the __ battleship caused it to sink
__ Journalism began cover the events in Cuba to the American public
__ warfare- you don’t know who the enemy is.
USA the 3rd largest navy in the world behind Great Britain and
stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations
This policy John Hay (secretary of state) wanted U.S. equal access to China millions of consumers
Spain’s General Wyler put Cuban’s central and western population into concentration
Theodore Roosevelt led U.S. forces in
The 1st action of the Spanish-American war was at the Philippine __
The sun never sets on the British
1959 it became a state
he exported over 50 million bananas a year to U.S.
San Juan __- an important victory for U.S. in Cuba.
Poor management and yellow fever caused failure to this country trying to build a canal
So many bananas were sold to central America, people began to refer Central America as the Banana
This doctrine U.S. would oppose any outside power to control a nation in the western Hemisphere
He died a year later (assassinated)
U.S. would pay Spain $20 million for the Annexation of the __Islands
USA encourages Panamato revolt over the __ government.
By 1890”s Alfred T. ___ said USA needed to strength its navy
USA wanted 3 dream areas to expand, China, latin American and islands in the
1867 USA bought Alaska from
The French tried to build a canal 1st in __ (1879)
1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine. The Big ___ Policy
U.S. was an international __
__ Riders-led by Roosevelt( cowboys, policemen, miners, and college athletes.)