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Historical Figure

Buried at ______ Memorial Cemetery in New York
Was not fond of his nickname _____
He adopted the _______ ______ domestic policy in which he pledged not to favor any group of Americans but to be fair to all.
Got married to his first wife in this state...
Organized the first volunteer cavalry unit called..
His second wife's middle name is the same name as this Muppet character
Supported the building of this canal
Signed the ______ ________ Act, which protected sites like the Grand Canyon and helped reserved national forests
His first wife died _____ hours after giving birth to their daughter
Apart of this club which is the oldest social club in the United States..
Had ____ as a child
Dropped out of this law school
Published twenty five...
"Keep your ____ on the stars, and your feet on the ground"
Was the only ______ to receive a Medal of Honor
Watched this president's funeral from a window
His family owned a successful ______-_____ import business
Most famous quote : " Speak softly and carry a _____ _____"
He died in his ___
He earned this nickname for breaking up trusts that had low wages and high prices
His mother and wife died on this "holiday"
Was shot during his campaign speech and continued to speak, he then said " it takes more than that to kill a _____"
Cracked down business ____
After his wife and mother died, he became a _____
He was blind in his left eye due to an injury in a ______ match.
Had this type of memory
Went skinny dipping in this river
Had a weak ___