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Chemistry Review

A property of a substance that arises from the tendency of its molecules to resist separating from one another
A pure substance that consists only of atoms with the same number of protons
Positively charged subatomic particle that occurs in the nucleus of all atoms
A ________ bond occurs when two ions stay together by the mutual attraction of their opposite charges
Describes a substance that dissolves easily in water
A ________ bond is an attractive force that arises between two atoms, and it is one way that atoms rid themselves of vacancies
Atom with an unequal number of protons and electrons
The amount of solute per unit volume of solution
Uniform mixture of solute completely dissolved in a solvent
Process in which molecules escape from the surface of a liquid and become vapor
Is a set of chemicals that can keep pH stable by alternating donating and accepting ions that affect pH
Surface _______ occurs at the surface of liquid water behaves a bit like a sheet of elastic
pH occurs when there are more hydrogen than hydroxide ions
A dissolved substance
Number is the total number of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus
Liquid in which other substances dissolve
Uncharged subatomic particle in the atomic nucleus
Isotope with an unstable nucleus
A _________ bond occurs when two atoms share a pair of electrons, so each atom's vacancy becomes partially filled
Electrical property; opposite ______ attract, and like ________ repel
Negatively charged subatomic particle
Measure of molecular motion
Consists of atoms held together in a particular number and arrangement by chemical bonds
Describes a substance that resists dissolving in water
Forms of an element that differ in number of neurons their atoms carry
A molecule with atoms of two o more elements
A __________ bond is an attraction between a covalently bonded hydrogen atom and another atom taking part in a separate polar covalent bond
Substances with a detectable component
Is the measure of the number of hydrogen ions in a water-based fluid
Number of protons in the atomic nucleus; determines the element
pH occurs when there is an equal number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions
pH occurs when there is less hydrogen than hydroxide ions
Radioactive _______ is the process by which atoms of a radioisotope emit energy and subatomic particles when their nucleus spontaneously breaks up