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The Greco-Italian war and the Battle of Greece.

World War ___.
A fascist, totalitarian nation ran by Adolf Hitler. They attacked joint British and Greek forces at the same time as Yugoslavian forces on April 6th, 1941 beginning the Battle of Greece, marking Greece’s final stand. German soldiers attacked through Bulgaria, and the battle ended with a win for the Axis on April 30th, 1941.
BenitoMussolini: Dictator of fascist Italy, one of the Axis powers. He gave Greece an ultimatum they said no to in the start of the Greco-Italian war.
Fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini gave Iaonnis Metaxas, Prime Minister of Greece, an _________ to secede power to him. Iaonnis Metaxas said no on October 28th, 1941 beginning the Greco-Italian War. Greek national holiday Oxi Day is still celebrated on October 28th every year. The Greco-Italian war ended on April 23rd, 1941.
A fascist Axis power involved in the Greco-Italian War before Nazi Germany’s interference starting the Battle of Greece.
A European country invaded by Italy in the Greco-Italian war then later by Nazi Germany in the start of the Battle of Greece.
: Prime Minister of Britain, one of the allied powers, from 1940 to 1945.
Prime Minister of Greece from 1936-1941, a country in Europe invaded by Italy in the Greco-Italian war.
The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill decided to send foreign ___ to Greece for the Battle of Greece.
A European country bordering Greece, they joined the Axis in March 1941. German forces invaded Greece through here, attacking the Metaxas line, named after Ioannis Metaxas.
In the beginning of the Battle of Greece, German forces came though Bulgaria and attacked the _______ ____ first.
A white supremacist symbol used by Nazi Germany to spread and represent anti semitic sentiment and propaganda.
Country bordering Greece, attacked by Axis powers the same day as Greece.
A right-wing totalitarian state with a one-party dictatorship.
The Greek holiday celebrating Iaonnis Metaxas saying no to Mussolini’s ultimatum and starting the Greco-Italian war.