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History Goes to Hollywood

The last name of Trumbo's alias
Country that was ravished by air raids during World War II
"_ consciousness" films, films that dealt with contemporary social problems and their resolution
Site where many creators of Film Noir had their training
"French _ Realism," form of realism that Italian Neorealism developed its foundation from
"_ War," officially began in 1947
"_ Law," taxed imported films and required theatres to show Italian films for 80 days of the year
"Italian _," developed by Cesare Zavattini
European country who's film production industries were left standing after World War II
"_ Plan," took effect from 1948-49 and caused national industries to fail in resuming large scale productions
Number of people in the infamous group of celebrities suspected of communist activities
Last name of the director of "The House on 92nd Street" and "13 Rue Madeleine"
List that celebrities who were suspected of Communist activities were put on
"Film _," often called "black film"
"_ Idemnity," regarded as the prototype for film Noir
The last name of the president who established the Bureau of Motion Picture Affairs
The last name of the chairman of HUAC in 1951
Characteristic of Film Noir, starting with C
The last name of the man who patented the television
Number of millions of television sets in use in the united states by 1959