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John 9

ESV used
The Pharisees did not want to listen to what the healed man had to say about Jesus because they said he "was born in utter ___".
The former blind man told the Pharisees that the man who healed him was a _____.
The Jews agreed that if anyone says that this man Jesus is truly the Christ, they will be put out of the____.
What Jesus put on the eyes of the blind man
Who asked Jesus "who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"
The Pharisees said that they were disciples of ___.
Jesus told the blind man to wash his eyes in the pool of ___.
As long as Jesus is in the world, he is the ____ of the world
Because of the Pharisees not being able to decide who this Jesus man was that healed on the Sabbath, there was a ___ among them.
What ailment did the man have that Jesus saw after he left the temple
The people of the town took the once blind, but now seeing man to the ___.
The Jews said that they "know God has spoken to ___"
The Pharisees spoke with these people to see if the man who was saying Jesus healed him of blindness was telling the truth about being blind and then healed
Some of the Pharisees said that Jesus could not be from ___ because he does not keep the Sabbath
Jesus told the Pharisees that because they think they "see", their ___ remains.
The healed man replied to the Pharisees, "why, this is an ___ thing...." when the Pharisees claimed that they did not know where this man (Jesus) comes from