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Bee Smart Honey Bee Behavior & Organization

This is the reproductive type of honey bee in the colony, usually only one of them.
This physical method of communication between Workers allows bees to inform others in the nest about the location of resources nearby.
This is the general term for baby bees
The primary carbohydrate source of food for bees
This physical method of communication allows bees to communicate the location of resources that are more distant to other Workers.
The primary source of proteins, lipids and fats for bees.
This is the basis of the construction adhesive of the honey bee world to make nest locations secure, hygienic, and weather proof
This is a function of bee colonies though it is more incidental than intentional.
The colony is made up of several types of bees that all work as one entity called a ______
This is what bees live in nd usually build inside of a box or a tree, etc...
These are the bees in a colony responsible for all of the maintenance and development work.
This area of behavior of the colony allows them to find and bring in all necessary resources.
This is one of the main categories of jobs bees specalize in as they age related to getting food.
This s a type of bee order that all honey bees are born into.
This specialization area is for bees nearing full maturity as well as mature bees to defend the nest.
These are the bees in a colony responsible for reproduction of the colony.
These bees in a colony are also responsible for reproduction of colonies and propagation of genetic traits.
This is the general term for the various food stuffs bees collect and use.
This behavior area of the colony ensures the survival and forward genetic growth of the colony.
As bees develop and age, they are responsible for specific and changing ____
This is one of the primary areas of purpose, specific to establishing the home of the bees.
Like all living creatures, honey bees must have this vital lifesource.