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Final Study Guide DC History Part I

How Ford revolutionized the industrial process
Women in the 1920s who rebelled against convention.
Killed roughly 100 million people wold wide in 1918
Law to restrict immigration on basis of race
When one company buys or forces out all of their competitiors
Theodore Roosevelt's presidential plan
Brought attention to need for reforming the workplace.
Roosevelt program - brought electricity and jobs to Tennessee Valley
Best associated with Hull House
American soldiers in WWI
Roosevelt program - employed out of work Americans.
Name of ship sunk in Havana Harbor in 1898
Journalists who drew attention to buses in society
Foreign policy asserting US right to intervene in Latin American nations
Roosevelt program requires all stock brokers to be licensed.
Replaced spoils system
Hoover Blanket
Controlled politics in Gilded Age
When one company buys everything need to produce, market and deliver their product
One of FDR's programs still in effect today - guarantees savings accounts in banks.
Historian who developed the Frontier Thesis
Another name for the "Roaring Twenties:
Allows Americans to drink alcohol again.
Associated with oil industry
Person who opposed immigration in the 1920s
Overcrowded, filthy, and poorly maintained homes of urban areas.
Native American spiritual leader
Attempted to "Americanize" Native Americans
Buying stock on credit - example of reckless speculation of the late 1920s