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Final Study Guide DC History Part III

Refused to give up her seat on a bus.
Biggest housing boom after WWII
NIxon's plan to remove US troops from Vietnam
Unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Castro by CIA-trained ex-Cubans.
Documents proving the American public had been lied to about Vietnam.
Base associated with Malcolm X
Nixon policy to send federal monies to the states to spend as they saw it.
Case in which Supreme Court ruled separate but equal unconstitutional
Book credited with launching the women's movement of the 1960s
What Nixon did to avoid impeachment
Best epitomized the scorn of conservatives during the 1950s by the actions of the new generation.
Document that gave Johnson the authority to act with Congress's approval in Vietnam.
Program that allowed Mexican workers to serve as migrant workers during harvest season
Governor of Alabama who blocked the door to the University of Alabama to prevent racial integration.
Scandal involving a break-in of the Democrat National Committee Headquarters
Name of strategy used by Nixon to win the presidency,
President who brokered peace between Israel and Egypt at Camp David
Johnson's plan to provide health care for the elderly
New group to emerge in the 1950s rejecting traditional values and materialism
Treaty that resulted from meeting between Nixon and Soviet Union,
Organization created by Cesar Chavez to represent Mexican American migrant workers.
Created to assist Native Americans during the 1960s.
Nickname for Reagan's satellite defense initiative
Anti-war movement gained support after the National Guard massacre of students at this location
Wrote "Letter from Birmingham Jail."
Federal agency was caught off guard by damage done in Hurricane Katrina
Nixon's plan for reducing tension with the Soviet Union.
First president to travel to Communist China
An attempt to provide for returning soldiers after WWII
His plan to deal with the Soviets was called "Peace through Strength"
First woman supreme court justice
Peaceful protests at whites-only establishments.
Agreement with Canada and Mexico that abolished import taxes between the three nations