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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Joseph Zybura

What does Sam and Eric mistake the pilot's parachute as?
Since Ralph is chief, he explores the new part of the island ____.
What does Ralph ask for when Piggy alerts him about the "beast".
What does Jack find at the Castle that he wants to use as a weapon?
What is Jack slowng turning into?
What figurative language is used in the following quote: "Far beneath them, the trees of forest sighed, then roared" (Golding 110).
Who is watching the fire in the beginning of the chapter?
What does Jack want to make the cave into?
Identify the literary device: "Now he saw the landsman's view of the swell and it seemed like the brething of some stupendous creature" (Golding 118).
Who argues to look after the littluns?
What is the following quote describing? "There was a speck above the island, a figure dropping swifty beneath a parachute..." (Golding 106)
What does Ralph say is the main thing that the boys should look after on the island?
What does Ralph go to fix at the end of the chapter?
What is the "castle"?
What do the boys think the pilot is?
Why does Ralph think blowing the conch will to do the beast?
Who tells Ralph that he does not believe in the beast?
What does Ralph tell Jack his role on the island is?
What fear does Simon struggle with? (____ in front of crowds)
On page 114, what does Jack feel has lost his purpose?