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Amphibians BIOL 160 Exam 4 wkst 1

Mating behavior of frogs
Alligators, crocodiles and caimans
Type of fairly efficient circulatory system in amphibians
Produced in glands along amphibians skin to keep it moist
Cell that contains pigment
Study of reptiles and amphibians
Amphibians tongue is attached in the ______ of the mouth
Used as a respiratory organ in water
Era that was between 245 and 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed
Meaning aquatic salamander
Type of eye membrane that is used as protection and moisture retention
Type of membrane that is on the exterior of amphibians acting as an eardrum
Meaning "no legs"
First animal with _________ that leads to the respiratory system
Type of valve in the three chambered heart that helps to keep oxygenated blood from mixing with de-oxygenated blood
Toxins that taste bitter that are produced by amphibians
Turtles and tortises
D2L article posted about why dinosaurs went extinct
African clawed frog, the only frog that has claws
The chemicals that allow frogs to hibernate when cellular water is reduced
A mechanism of retraction that aids in swallowing
Meaning "visible tail"
______ toes on the front legs and _____ toes on the hind legs
Family of apoda that exists in the tropics, worm-like
Lizards and snakes
Meaning "no tail"