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Art Supplies-Scholarship

Crossword Puzzle Art Supplies - Melania Castellanos
Paints with a water based solution.
Can be made using ribbon or paper; also used as an accessory or decoration.
Used to seal and conserve crafts/art and provide a glossy finish
Often sold in thin, colorful sheets, used to create crafts. smooth material.
You may use a hot ____ gun to piece together crafts. A ____ stick can be used to attach paper together.
Used to remove pencil markings
A wooden frame used to support art as it is being worked on.
Can be made soft or oily. Usually are colorful, pigmented sticks to add a soft touch to art work
A washable ___ can be used to mix different paints and colors.
Basic writing utensil containing ink, can be used to outline or for fine printing calligraphy
A colorful circle shaped utensil that organizes different color hues and shades.
You can use air ___ clay to make quick and easy clay figures/shapes.
A type of paint that dries quickly, is water based, and contains acrylic polymer
Pipe ____ are wires that are bendy and fuzzy, used mostly for kid crafts
___ pastels are waxy and similar to crayons. Very pigmented, in the shape of a crayon.
Small plastic/glass ___ have a hole in them and can be used to make and decorate jewelry.
A marker brand. Important for outlining drawings or creating abstract mandala art
Soft, colorful, thin sheets comprised of fibers. Can be used to make plushies or figures.
Googly ___ are small plastic craft decorations, used to imitate eyes. Fun to add on kids crafts or random objects to 'bring them to life'
Small, shiny, particles that add sparkle to anything! Can be used on crafts, makeup, clothes, accessories..
____ clay can be baked in the oven, is easy to mold, and is usually made of polymers and resins.
Paint ___ are used for applying paint on various surfaces, and come in different shapes.
Soft and thin thread, used for knitting or sewing.
Hollow container, used to make quick clay figures/shapes.