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WWI And WWII History Vocabulary

Teacher: Susan Anselmo
Devoted to ones nation and to its political , social, and cultural interests and traditions
The application of force by one nation against another in retaliation for acts committed
a one-pary government maintained by political suppression usually combined with cultural and economic controls.
To remove military equipment and troops from a place and declare it neutral
War equipment and supplies
In WWII, the suicidal Japanese tactic of ramming ships with a piloted airplane carrying explosives
The act of giving approval or confirmation
A compulsory enrollment of men for military service; draft
Forcing trade and exploration of raw materials of backward countries through political or military means
An economic setback in commercial and industrial activity
One party system of government where each class has its distinct place but the person is subject to the state and control is mandated by military force, secret police, and government control of industry and finance
Indemnities (payment) paid by defeated countries for acts of war
A sudden attack by tanks, aircraft and so forth