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8th Grade US History

Directions: You may use your interactive notebook to complete this puzzle. It is due at the end of the hour. You will get credit for what you have done. 
Is total control of a market for a certain product
A force made up of civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army
The father of Texas
Owners of ranches
Official document that gives certain rights to an individual or a group
Hostile and ill treatment, especially of race or political or religious beliefs
President of Mexico
Her real name was Phoebe Ann Moses
Office end
This is also know as the great migration of 1843
Government gifts of land
A well-known Massachusetts lawyer
Import tax
An agreement between nations or groups to help each other against other nations or groups
To surrender
Person who takes a religious journey
19th century belief that the United States was destined, or meant, to occupy all land from the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of the Pacific
Citizen soldiers who could be ready to fight at a minute's notice
A cousin of John Adams who established what he called a committee of correspondence
Settlers of the American West often traveled in there
A Franciscan monk
A German immigrant who came to the US in the mid-1800s to help his siblings
Extending the nation beyond its existing borders
The land that forms the farthest extent of a nations settled region
An organized campaign to refuse to buy certain products