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Chemistry 16ch17 Test

Radiation used to produce transuranium elements
Radiation that consists of high speed 2+ ions of helium-4
The lesser the activity of a substance, the ___ the half-life
Thermonuclear reactions are also referenced as ____
A tube containing a nonreactive electrolyte that allows ions to flow btwn the halves of a voltaic cell
List of metals arranged by their ease of oxidation is called ____ series
Elements beyond uranium
nuclear radiation decreases the mass number by 4
Name given for the amount of fissionable material at a given density required to sustain a chain reaction
Device used to accelerate charged particles to energies of several megaelectron volts
Formation of a thin coat of metal by immersion into an electrolytic soln
Radiation stopped by concrete
Radiation that consists of high-speed electrons
Electric current flowing through a metal consists of moving ___
Term that refers to the amount or rate of decay occurring in a radioactive substance
Device that converts PE of a spontaneous redox reaction into electrical current
Occurs at cathode
Nuclear reactor that produces more fissionable fuel than it uses
____ sources are the source of the vast majority of exposure to nuclear radiation
Reduction is a ____ of electrons
Flow of electric charge
Oxidation occurs at ____
The strong ____ force binds protons and neutrons to each other to form the nucleus
The amount of energy necessary to break up a nucleus into its nucleons
When an electrical current passes through a soln to bring about a nonspontaneous redox reaxn
Loss of electrons
the conversion of one nuclide into another in a spontaneous nuclear reaction
Nuclear ___ ___ : when the mass of an atom is < the total mass of its individual subatomic particles
Another name for nuclear fusion reactions
Substance that dissociates in water to produce ions
Consists of high-energy electromagnetic waves
nuclear radiation increases the atomic number by 1
unit used to measure the activity of a substance