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Reptiles Exam #4 BIOL 160

Secretes toxins through skin, fur or feathers
Different from other snakes because they have a pit above their fangs near nostrils for infrared sensing
Waste disposal system for amniotic eggs
Reptiles have stronger legs and jaws because they are________
Associative learning, to expect an outcome from a stimulus
Learning by observing and mimicking others
Are similar to snakes but have eyelids and ear holes
Light sensing organ like a third eye in tuatara
Learning to ignore something
Delivers toxins directly
When an animal is hatched, it recognizes and emotionally attaches itself to the largest animal it sees first (usually its mother)
Venom that attacks the nervous system causing paralysis
Behavior of adaptation once animal is born
Are reptiles more or less complex than amphibians
Behavior that an animal is born with, ex. reflex
Toes on all feet
thin membrane forming a closed sac about the embryos or fetuses of reptiles, birds, and mammals and containing the amniotic fluid
Nutrient supply for amniotic egg
All of these are turtles but not all turtles are these
Prevents water loss in amniotic egg
Practice, practice, practice to get it right
Dead epidermal tissue in reptiles that is filled with beta keratin for protection
Venom that destroys blood cells and bloods vessels
Specialized organ in all vertebrates especially sensitive in snakes used to sample smells in air
Type of fertilization that differentiates reptiles from amphibians