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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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History Benchmark Review

Teacher: Mrs. Valencia
Under Cleisthenes, only free men were allowed to participate in the________.
Spartan society was dominated by the ______.
The war between the Spartans and the Athenians that nearly tore Greece apart.
In this type of democracy each person's decision directly affect the outcome of a vote.
Type of government in which power was taken by force.
The Greeks created these for stability and protection.
The king of the gods.
Greece is made of many small__.
Macedonian leader who built one of the largest empires ever.
Persian king who organized the empire by dividing it into 20 provinces.
Alexander the Great admired Greek culture so much that he spread it across his conquered lands. The new culture became know as this.
The Persian king who was well respected because he let conquered people keep their culture.
A type of government in which the people rule themselves.
Due to the fact that Greece had very little farm land they had to rely on this.
The philosopher who taught that people should use reason to govern their lives.
Stories told by Greeks to teach people important lessons.
Type of government in which a few ruled.
In this type of democracy citizen elect officials to represent them.
What two things isolated people in ancient Greece?
The Athenian navy was able to sink many Persian ships in the Battle of ________.
Name of Darius I son who also tried to conquer Greece.
The goddess of the hearth.
Sparta and Athens fought together to end the _____wars.
A body of stories about gods and heroes that explained natural or historical events.
The name of Greece's largest peninsula.
Athenian society valued this.
Wealthy land owners.
The philosopher who taught by asking questions.
The god of the underworld.