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Science Chapter 17 - Animals
Part of the mammalian eye
Warm blooded
Part of the mammalian eye
Transports nutrients and energy to body cells
System that provides support
System that gets nutrients and energy from food
The system that provides movement
Enables fish to sense vibrations
Method of fertilization where the eggs are fertilized by the male dropping sperm on the eggs
Animals without backbones
Part of the mammalian eye
Animales with backbones
Method of fertilization where the male deposits sperm inside the female
Cold blooded
Membrane that surrounds the embryo and is attached to the mother's uterus
Animals organized around a central point
Organ that gets oxygen from air
Keeps the embryo from drying out
Organ that extracts oxygen from water
An animal with both male and female sex organs
Organs that produce milk
Animals with 2 similar halves
A flexible rod-shaped structure found in embryos
Part of the mammalian eye
System made up of the brain, spinal chord, and nerves