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Ch. 21: The Enlightenment & Revolutions

Isaac Newton created --- laws of motion.
In Kepler's 1st law, he stated the the planets orbited in an ----
Galileo's ideas were criticized by the ----- because he didn't include God in the discoveries of the universe.
Medieval scientists were know as ----
Copernicus thought the the universe was ----- placing the sun at the center.
Natural philosophers took their knowledge from ancient authorities like ---
Renaissance humanists learned ----- and Latin to understand newly discovered works.
Maria Winkelmann was the most famous female astronomer in ----
The Ptolemaic system is ---- because it places the earth at the center of the universe.
The --- was crucial to the SR because it helped spread new discoveries.
People who seek wisdom are -----
Galileo wrote ----- which included the idea that heavenly bodies were made from material substance and were not just orbits of light.
Isaac Newton wrote Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy or ----
William Harvey discovered that the --- is the beginning point of the body's blood circulation.
Blaise Pascal's works led to the creation of the ---