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The Ideas of the Enlightenment

The --- led the Enlightenment movement.
The ---- were a French group trying to discover the natural economics laws of society.
---- inspired other European rulers to build magnificent palaces.
The --- movement, created by John Wesley, was the most famous movement of the time.
----- led the movement for women's rights.
American philosophers were influenced by Montequieu's works and many of his priciples that were in the ----
Charles-Louis de Secondat wrote The --- of the Laws.
Rousseau believed that both ---- and reason were crucial to human development.
Voltaire was famous for his criticism of ----
John Locke believed everyone was born with ----, or blank mind.
The intellectuals in the PM looked for reason and --- to lead them to an improved society.
Newton saw everything as a giant ---- that was operating based off natural laws.
----- were becoming gathering places for exchanging ideas.
The two most famous classical composers are Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus -----
When people sign a --- contract they are agreeing to be governed by their general will and everyone is force to abide by it