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History of Psychology

The study of people in terms of general dimensions or characteristics
Studied using chimpanzees
Used rats to form the theory of latent learning
Carl Roger’s method to therapeutic psychology
Emphasized water as the basic element in the universe
Most well-known psychoanalyst
First to produce information that lead to the finding of neurons
Surgically removing small parts of organs to observe them
The distribution of a standard set of questions to a large same of respondents
Actively acting on environment after being reinforced
Habitual patterns of behavior
Theory that human mind is blank slate and knowledge gained through experiences
Term for conscious awareness of emotions
Developed psychosexual stages of personality throughout the lifespan
First African American to earn a Ph. D in psychology
The prevention from conscious dangerous thoughts or memories
Descartes’s concept of a group of ideas in the human mind
Creator of functionalism
Ability to be aware of and reflect on one’s ability
Started the treatment of Epilepsy
Beck’s term for ways of thinking
Positive motivation, potential for growth and self-actualization
Used for operant conditioning by Skinner
Method that investigate and describe what it is that makes a given person unique
Thought language and speech was in the frontal cortex
Focused attention on the purpose of behavior
The perception of continuous motion that occurs when observing a succession of slightly varying still images
Therapy focused on here and now
Plato’s, conscious experience of something
Innate emotion that restricts infant’s movements