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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

chapter 23 American History

He wins the 1916 Presidential election
Selective Service Act-_ (1917) law authorizing a draft of young men for __ services
Boy scouts and ___ scouts sold liberty bonds
__ strongly influence the American position on the War. (allies)
By November 1917, the Russia government is overthrown again but this time it becomes a __ government led by Vladimir Lenin.
__was excluded from the Treaty. They lost more land because of the Treaty than Germany
__ takes over Russia in November 1917
called for the creation of an international organization to address diplomatic crises
The Treaty of Versailles created __ new countries
This poor and angry Treaty will lead the __ back to war again in the late 1930’s
obstructing the sale of government bonds
By 1917, U.S. had loaned $2.3 billion to the
This treaty ended WWI
Wilson plan for peace was the ___ point plan
Germany’s __ announced January 31,1917, that U-boats would sink all ships
Was the strongest country in Europe
Principe- a member of the Black __
The Treaty of Versaillies mad eGermany was forced to pay war damages of $33 __ to allies
No man’s __ – an unoccupied region between opposing armies
WWI involved more than 30 __
- policy involving aggressive build up of a nation’s armed forces
Throughout the war, the __ suffered causalities. (25 million)
the __ Telegram said if Mexico would help Germany they would get back Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
Germans turned back the Russian at the Battle of __.(1914)
Germany's plan of attack on the Allies
about 500,000 __ died from the Flu
__ boats- were specially equipped to track and destroy submarines.
drop bombs, wasn’t that effective.
The Tank- Allies used it to break through the Central Powers trenches __ developed it
On November 11, 1918, at 11 O’clock __ agreed to a cease-fire
a group of unarmed ships surrounded by some battle ships.
WWI lasted over 4
were not drafted and the army refused to let them enlist
Germany was the “Big __ in Europe”
The AEF were led by John J. __
German promise not to sink any Allied passenger ships when it signed the ___ pledge
Special war bonds sold to support the Allied cause during World War I
Epidemic 1918) it apparently came from France