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Final Assignment U.S. History: Extra Credit

The last major offensive attack led by the Germans and an unsuccessful attempt to push allies back.
Worldwide rivalry between the United states and the Soviet Union, but never came into direct conflict.
Island in New York Harbor that served as an immigrant station for millions of immigrants.
Woodrow Wilson's plan for international peace after the end of World War I, included making a league of nations.
American general who commanded allied troops in the pacific during World War II and fulfilled his promise to retake the Philippines.
A law passed by FDR that set up pensions for retired, unempolyment insurance, and insurance and aid for poverty stricken single mothers with children.
Government agency that coordinates U.S. efforts in space
Inclination to favor native inhabitants as opposed to immigrants, often discriminate against immigrants.
Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and increased tensions between North and South over slavery
The sight of the first battle of the civil war
Programs and legislation pushed by FDR to promote economic reform, recovery and relief.
Truman's promise to help nations struggling against communism movements.
The idea that the United States was destined by god to expand their territory from Atlantic to Pacific
World War I veterans who marched in D.C. to demand money promised to them by congress.
Group of African Americans who served as unofficial advisers to FDR
A senator from Louisiana who imposed the "Share Our Wealth" program.
Policy of keeping communism contained within its existing boundaries by taking methods to prevent spreading.
The hero of D-Day and the one who organized D-Day invasion.
Military alliance formed to counter Soviet Expansion during the Cold War.
The right to vote