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Patriarchs and the Old Testament

Bread-like substance God provided for his people when they were hungry on their exodus from Egypt
The 9th plague, the killing of the firstborn of every egyptian, God commanded the Israelites to cook lambs and eat them with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. God spared his people this plague. This feast is celebrated by Jewsih people today.
Someone who speaks on behalf of God, defends the truth, and works for justice.
Gave his birthright up for a bowl of lentil stew
God's chosen people
The biblical word describing the Israelites departure from slavery to freedom.
The first patriarch
The long awaited son of Sarah who was to be offered up as a sacrifice to God and is the second patriarch.
Was favored by his Father Jacob and was given a special multicolored robe and was envied by his brothers. Had the ability to interpret dreams. The last old testament patriarch
God parted this sea so that the Israelites could escape Egypt
Was chosen by God to lead his people out of Egypt. Was found by pharoh's daughter floating in a basket. God appeard to him in a burning bush.
Gods plan for and protection over all people.
The 10 catastrophes that descended on the Egyptians in Egypt, in order that the Pharaoh "Let my people Go" (exodus 5:1)
Mount _____ was where moses received the Arc of the Covenant
Name God gives himself. Hebrew word for "I AM"
The promise land
Favored son of Rebekah who helped him trick his elderly blind father into giving him the blessing that his brother had the right to. His name was changed to "Isreal". Third patriarch of the chosen people.