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Chemical Reactions Vocab

If this is higher, the rate of a chemical reaction will increase because there are more reactant particles in the same volume
a substance that releases energy when it is burned
A reaction that absorbs energy from the surroundings
An irreversible change in which a new substance is formed by breaking bonds or forming new ones
An increase in this will speed up a reaction because more of the reactants will be exposed and able to react
a solid that formed from the solution of a chemical reaction
Something you can observe about a substance without changing it
The substance(s) that you have as a result of a chemical reaction
You are performing an experiment in a beaker with no lid, this is considered a ________________.
A chemical reaction in which two simple substances combine to make a more complex substance
A substance that slows down a chemical reaction by preventing the reactants from coming together
A property that has to do with the chemical make-up of a substance OR how it reacts with other substances
If this increases, the rate of reaction will increase due to the particles having more energy and moving faster
This is a natural/biological catalyst in our bodies
a chemical reaction in which a complex substance is broken down into simpler substances
We use these to change the amount of atoms of an element we have
A substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction by reducing the amount of activation energy required
A chemical reaction in which elements switch places. Can be single or double
A reaction that releases energy into the surrounding environment
The substances you have that react together at the beginning of a chemical reaction
a special type of reaction between oxygen and a fuel