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US History Crossword

L Jones
Short-term cause of World War I
Agreement to admit California as a free state and give terroritories rights to popular sovereignty
Land given to the Native Americans by the governement
Amendment that prohibited alcohol
Competition between US and USSR to be more technologically advanced in space
First international organisation to maintain world peace
Political ideology that favors radical nationalism and a totalitarian one-party state with a dictator
Promised settlers 160 acres of land out west for cheap
Migration of workers to California to strike it rich
Andrew Carnegie's rise to wealth
Giving up something in order to avoid conflict
Lightning fast warfare introduced by Germans
Invasions by US government to capture and deport Communists/Anarchists
White southerners who supported reconstruction
Leader of the Black Power Militancy movement
Group in which an authoritative boss or executives command the support of businesses and ones that owe them favors
Negotiation between the remaining world powers following World War II to discuss peace treaties
A residential town surrounding or connected to a city
Large apartment buildings where poor people lived in rough conditions
Explosive, jellied gas that covered areas in flames