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Archeopteryx: Dinosaur or Bird?

Archaeopteryx lived during what time period?
What is Archaeopteryx famous for being?
Scientist believe that Archaeopteryx could ______ rather than actually fly.
Who wrote the book "On the evolution of species"? (Last Name).
Archaeopteryx is known as a _____ animal because it shares things with both birds and dinosaurs.
The presence of _____ in Archaeopteryx beak suggested that they were still closely related to the dinosaurs.
What was the first Archaeopteryx fossil that was found?
What bone provides birds strength to their chest while they fly?
Scientists determined Archaeopteryx were probably black by studying microscopic _____.
The second claw on Archaeopteryx foot was known as the _____?
What was Archaeopteryx body was covered with _____?
How many other Archaeopteryx specimens have been found?
What bird was Archaeopteryx about the size of?
Where did Archaeopteryx live? (Country)