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AP Environmental Science Final

Greenhouse gas that is increasing the most quickly in our atmosphere that is primarily increased by fossil fuel use
How much of an effect you have on world in terms of resource use, energy use, and waste production
The highest level a population can reach based on its available resources
Biofuel that is typically created by fermenting grains and is often added to gasoline
The alternate energy source that has radioactive waste
The type of acid that is formed by sulfur oxides being released in the air
The measure of cloudiness or haziness of water
Biome where we live
Plate tectonic boundary where plates are moving away from each other, such as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Periodic warming of the South Pacific waters off the coast of South America, also known as ENSO
When a publicly used resource is ineffectively and inefficiently used by all until the resource is depleted
Type of cultivation of food where no synthetic chemicals are used for production
The primary theme of the class; using the planets resources in the most efficient manner
Also known as hydraulic fracturing, this is a highly controversial method of obtaining natural gas
Non-living factors within an ecosystem
Banned pesticide that was very toxic and led to the decimation of the bald eagle population
The model that shows how nations and their populations change from pre-transitional to post-industrial
Farming technique where plant remains/residue from previous harvests is left in the field to provide nutrition
Condition that influences the world's winds and currents due to the Earth turning on its axis
The fossil fuel that is the primary source of electricity production in the US
Biome found primarily at the equator
Invasive species to Australia that was introduced in the 1950's to control the sugar cane grub
Global trend with increasing average temperatures and shifts in precipitation patterns, most likely human-induced
Layer of freshwater below the water table that is isolated by impermeable rock
Cycle that has bacteria in soil that helps "fix" it for use of organisms within the ecosystem
The molecules in a layer in the stratosphere that protect terrestrial life from most UV rays
Worst nuclear disaster in history
Cancer-causing gas produced indirectly from the decay of uranium
Molten rock beneath the Earth's surface