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Idaho's Symbols

Henry ______ planted the first potatoes in Idaho.
Some Western White Pine trees grow to be _____ feet taller than the State Capitol Building!
The red or orange slash under the fish _____ is what gives the Cutthroat its name.
The monarch butterfly lives on the ______ plant.
Idaho and ______ share the Square Dance as it's officially recognized dance.
The state horse of Idaho.
The _____ Garnet is Idaho's State Gem.
Purple Gold
On the state seal, the _____ represents plentiful game.
The state motto "Esto Perpetua" means "may it _____."
The _______ bluebird is the Idaho's state bird.
Potatoes are _____.
The Western ______ Pine is Idaho's State Tree.
Idaho's State Insect
On the state seal, the grain represents ______.
They brought the horses to America.
Idaho's State gem can only be found in Idaho and _____.
The Cutthroat Trout is Idaho's State ______.
Scientists believe Idaho's State fossil would be closely related to the ______.
The _______ horse is Idaho's State fossil.
Idaho's State Flower
The fragrance of the syringa flower makes it similar to the _______ blossom.
Idaho's State horse is known for having a ______ coat.
The Mountain Bluebird is very _____ and carries all trash away from the nest.
The Great Seal of Idaho was drawn by Emma _____.